Embody Your Confidence
Empower Your Pleasure  
Express Your Truth 
For too long we've been living detached from our authentic expression.
We all have the right to a Sexual connection with ourselves.
We are all entitled to a healthy, happy and nourishing Sexuality. 
As a Tantric therapist, Sex & Intimacy coach, and Empowerment Guide, 
I am here to inspire you to live the life you deserve.
I guide Men & Women to rise into their potential and transform their limitations into strengths.  
I work 1 on 1 with individuals to bring success and serenity to their work, sex and love lives.
Join me in cultivating the freedom you need for a more
empowered existence. 

“I suffered from sexual trauma as a child and was unable to allow love, trust or intimacy in my life. I was closed off from men, sex and even deep friendship. I felt so alone and afraid. Vasanti showed me there is another way to live- a way that embraces my wounds and celebrates my vulnerability. She helped me to work through the pain and create space for love. I have experienced a 360 transformation since working with her.”


Simon D


“For any being ready to rock your world inside out- call Vasanti! She will inspire you to be the best version of yourself, to live with pleasure and joy, to appreciate the little things, to be compassionate and grateful, to expand your consciousness and welcome in sacred sexuality. She has been such a gamechanger for me.”


Carly J

Come Home to your Self

& Let Your Sexuality be Your

Healing practice 

Find out more about

Working 1 on 1 with Vasanti 

to start feeling more

Aliveness & Confidence Today! 

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